Connecting people, power and innovation

We believe global energy markets are going to evolve dramatically over the next 30 years, with investments focusing on cleaner forms of electrification combined with decarbonization strategies across all sectors of the economy. The central purpose of our company is to play a leadership role in building networks that advance electrification and promote energy diversification, resiliency and affordable access to cleaner forms of energy.

Leading 2025

Leading 2025 is our strategic initiative to drive sustained performance and long-term value for our shareholders and other stakeholders in the communities we serve. The global focus on climate change has compelled companies and countries to recommit themselves to a cleaner, safer and healthier planet. It is no longer enough for businesses to simply serve customers well. We must demonstrate genuine progress and accountability in everything we do to advance more sustainable business practices.

Financial performance

Since our company was formed in 1998 we’ve delivered shareholder returns well above the industry average. We’re focused on driving even greater value through our capital investments in attractive markets in North America to support additional growth opportunities and further strengthen our balance sheet.

ESG initiatives

Sustainability and responsibility across all aspects of our business have been essential principles since Sempra was founded in 1998. Our ESG goals extend to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and ethical governance in all our projects, initiatives and practices.

High-performance culture

Our talented employees bring innovation and creativity to everything they do, collaborating to solve some of the toughest energy challenges affecting the world today. By staying true to our values and focused on our mission, we remain resilient and create long-term, sustainable value for our shareholders and other stakeholders, strategic partners and communities.

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